PC Scrap

An independent company that specialises in scrap plastics recycling, Lovewaste Limited offers a complete in-house plastic recycling service. Does your company create waste plastics? Do you have problems disposing of your PC scrap? Do you currently send your waste plastics to the landfill? If you answered "yes" to these questions then it will definitely be worth your while talking to us. Not only could we save your organisation money, we can help to protect the environment by correctly disposing of your waste plastics such as PC scrap.

With the huge increase in the consumption of plastic materials, there has never been a more important time for plastic recycling. The reason for the considerable growth in plastic is due to it's beneficial properties. These properties include:

  • Plastics have extreme versatility and the ability to be tailored to meet even the most technical needs.
  • Plastics are much lighter in weight than competing materials.
  • Plastics have extreme durability.
  • Plastics have a resistance to chemicals, water and impact.
  • Plastics have good safety and hygiene properties, particularly for food packaging.
  • Plastics have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties.
  • Plastics are relatively inexpensive to produce.
Dating back to 2001, approximately 4.7 million tonnes of plastic products were used across various economic sectors in the UK. Today, this number is continuing to increase, and with all the hype surrounding being environmentally friendly, now is the time to consider your organisation's waste plastics such as PC scrap, and what are the most cost-effective and efficient methods of plastic recycling.

Scrap Plastics Recycling – Get in Touch

If you would like more information on plastic recycling or if you would like further details on what to do with your waste plastics, contact us today by emailing sales@lovewaste.com or alternatively you can contact Aaron Law on 07823 325743.